Why Printing Services Are Still Important

Think printing is going out of style? Think again. Even in an increasingly paperless world, printing services remain an important part of business, academic, and even personal life.

Many business still operate on paper for many things. Take business cards, for example. There simply isn’t a paperless alternative to this handy networking tool. And for more formal business transactions, a letterhead and stationery is a crucial business purchase. Presentation folders, labels, brochures, and even posters are all an important part of business–made possible by printing services.

Think about formal events and the printing involved there. Perhaps most importantly, formal events require formal invitations. You can’t send out an email invite to a wedding, now can you? Printing services can make many events more elegant and professional with custom menus, banners, party favors, personalized gifts, and more.

Photos are another important aspect of printing. No matter how digitalized the world becomes, people will still want hard copies of their pictures hanging in their homes. There are countless variations of prints, whether it be size, color, or finish, photo gifts have risen in popularity over the last few years. Many people like to have personalized calendars with photos of family and friends featured each month. Photo books also make great gifts; you can commemorate a trip or special occasion. And Don’t forget mugs, mouse pads, magnets, and keychains. They are countless creative ways to gift photos, all made possible through printing services.

There are many stores where 48HOURPRINT services are available, and the Internet has many places where you may be able to find discounted printing services, though you will have to pay shipping and handling costs. Oftentimes, however, the Internet has more printing options available. It’s up to you whether or not the distance between you and your print job is acceptable. After all, you won’t see it until the finished product arrives at your door!